Common Minimum Programme for Primary Education: -

As per the policies of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan emphasis is being given on the quality education in the School. Teaching-learning has been based on audio-visual teaching technology. Primary students are exposed to the new teaching and learning methods. They have been provided with a lot of supporting material which make their study smooth and interesting.  

          Every studets has been provided with a record file so that he or she can keep his or her assignments and project record for the whole academic session.

CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya updated on 26.02.2010:

Chilren's Day/Grandparents' Day was celebrated in the Vidyalaya on 21 Nov. 09 with enthusiasm and with pomp and show. The students from class I to V alongwith their Grandparents joined hands together. The children delivered their speeches about Chacha Nehru and some expressed their feelings in Rhymes about this great leader as well as the lover of the children.

Grandparents were pleased when the children made them remember about their childhood. The children asked questions to the Grandparents about their past life escpecially their activities in their childhood. Was their childhood different from the present one? If they commited the same mistakes?

The Grandparents were also invited to share their views and they expressed how their childhood was different from the children of present generation. The children were amazed, qustioned how their childhood survived in such difficulties.

Various other cultural programmes were presented by the students of Primary classes. Beautiful prizes were distributed to the children to make this day memorable for them. Sweets were distributed among the children. Grandparents were also served with snacks and tea.

The day marked a big success as a respect and reverence showcased to Grandparents.


Lively Diwali Celebrations were observed in the school on 15th of October as the school remains closed on the auspicious day of Diwali.

           The festivity was organised in a very elaborated way where each member of the school participated heartily. The school was decorated all around with diyas and rangolis and under the radiance children as well as the teachers presented many cultural as well as intellectual activities. Children recited poems, sang songs, conducted a quiz and declaimed many informative speeches.

           Teachers, to keep the lamp of knowledge burning, shared with children our Indian mythology, Lord Rama’s home coming, for which Diwali is celebrated by our people  all around the world with such a bright extravaganza. Principal ma’am, too, added to the spark by bringing forth the richness of our culture and at the same time cautioned children against the evils that are taking roots in to our society.

           Children fired crackers and sweets were distributed among them. On a whole, Diwali celebration created a day full of mirthful delight and happy ecstasy.


 As school was to remain closed on 25th of December, for that Christmas Day was celebrated prior to the day i.e.  on 21st December .

           To mark the day number of activities were organised and children participated in them with a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. Many children came dressed up as ‘Santa clause’ and were presented with gifts for their zeal. 

          In the school, Christmas tree was decorated keeping up the tradition alive. Many cultural activities viz. a speech by a student of class V, Carol singing, poem recitation, and group singing were presented by children. Children were told the ‘Story of three Magi and Christ’s Birth’. Christ, the son of God, who sacrificed himself to purgate humanity off its sin. Madam Principal, too, had small chit - chat with children. While talking to them she brought forward some facts behind the occasion.

           To break the monotony of the school regime, children were taken to a nearby park where they in a very organized way performed acts of social order. They displayed fine signs of sense of neat and clean for their surroundings and   restricted any littering of that.

          To widen up their intellectual expertise, children were made to observe things around them and discuss them collectively.

           On a whole, the program was a grand success.

Cub / Bulbul Utsav celebrations in KV Chamera -II

Cub/Bulbul utsav was celebrated in the vidyalaya premises with vigor and bright colours on 22nd Feb. 2010 Monday on the occasion of birthday of Baden Powel, the founder/originator of scout and Guide movement. 

          The chief Guest of the program was Mr. Pradeep Johar, G.M. and chairman VMC, lit the candle at 10:30 am along with Mr. Rajeev Pant, Chief Engineer mech., Mr. Dhall, Manager Finance and Mr. Chauhan, Manager Mech. with the help of our worthy Principal Madam Mrs. Asha Malhotra. She welcomed them by investing them scarfs and Wogals.

 Cubs and Bulbuls presented a colourful presentation on the stage by Saraswati Vandana, Welcome song , Action song (Bam Bhole), Group song and two speeches in English by master Shivam and in Hindi  by master Taresh of V class. Basic scout master Mr. J.C. Choudhary was the announcer, Mrs. Anju Gupta captain announced the names of victorious cubs and Bulbuls and prizes were given to them by the dignities on the occasion.

           Mrs. Asha Malhotra, the Principal of the Vidyalaya highlighted her views on the occasion on Mr. Baden Powel’s birthday. After it the chief guest of the day wished the children and praised their enthusiasm on the stage and off the stage. In this way the programme went up to 2:00pm. It was undoubtedly a grand success achieved by the Cubs and Bulbuls of the Vidyalaya.

Baisakhi Celebration

                 As we all know that 'Baisakhi' falls every year on 13th or 14th April. It is mainly the 'Harvest Festival of Punjab but is also celebrated in North India with joy. This is the festival of cutting of Rabi crops. 'Baisakhi' also celebrated in K.V.S. by the Staff and students with great enthusiasm. The function started with a speech by a student of class 8th who addressed the school and throw some light on 'Baisakhi'. He imparted the knowledge behind the reasons of its celebrations and for what this festival stands for. Then another boy told the school that festival is also celebrated in Chamba as 'Basoa'. He kept his views on Unity In Diversity. After that a beautiful 'Action Song' was presented by the students of class 4th. Some students wore the mask of different animals. The theme of the song was their try to woke a sleepy boy. With this song they gave the message of getting up early and do some activities before coming to school. Everyone overwhelmed with joy from this melodious song and they gave a standing elevation. The function was ended with 'National Enthem'.


            As per the tradition of KVS, every year the new entrants are given a formal welcome in each Vidyalaya. Similarly students of class 1st, who recently got admission in K.V.Chamera-2, were given a hearty welcome. Classroom for class 1st was artistically decorated. First the students sought the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. Then welcome song was sung for them. After that their formal introduction was given by class teacher of class 1st, Mr. PushpakRana to Principal Madam. Principal Madam distributed sweets among the students. All the students were very happy to receive such a warm welcome.

          Class room was decorated with balloons and glittering paper. A basic knowledge of school atmosphere and routine was given to them by worthy Principal Madam.

Annual Day Celebrations

A sparkling and fabulous Annual Function 2009-10 was held in the premises of Kendriya Vidyalaya Chamera-II, Karian, Chamba on 23.04.10. The G.M. & Chairman of Vidyalaya Sh. Pardeep Johar presented their benign presence and were greatly honoured by our worthy Principal Madam Smt. Asha Malhotra, Staff & the Students. The students showed their talent with extra-ordinary performances based on certain morals and values. Our small kids introduced themes like improving food habits among children, global warming, afforestation, Unity in Diversity and many more. After their performance our worthy Chiefguest proclaimend prizes to the kids which exhilarate in them a spirit of motivation. He spoke some words in front of all which will prove a great boost for the students and gave a lot of jubilation and happiness to them.


          A Quiz competition for primary section was held on 26-06-2010 in theVidyalaya premises. Four teams from four houses participated in this. There were four students in each team. The quiz was conducted in four rounds. First-spelling round, Second-day today’s knowledge, Third-science round and Fourth-mathematics round.

          Students participated with a great zeal and enthusiasm. Teacher motivated the students to come forward for the answers which were not given by any of the participants. There was very less margin in the scores of all the four teams. Winning team got a standing ovation from the audience.


          Under the C.C.A. programme, Solo song competition for Primary Section was held on 17-04-2010 in the school premises. There were two groups-Junior group (1st and 2nd) and seniorgroup (3rd, 4th and 5th). Two students from each group participated in the competition. Guidelines for judgment were given by the Music teacher in the beginning. Songs sung by the participants were had patriotic theme. The performance of all the participants was fabulous. Their melodious and sweet voice enriched the environment and everybody present there was enchanted. Overall the programme was a great success.


          The most favourite C.C.A. activity which is Solo Dance competition was organized in the vidyalaya premises on 07-08-2010. All not only the participants but all the students were over enthusiastic about the function. All the performances were fabulous. The songs selected were funky with rock beats and foot-tapping music. Everybody clapped for bhangra performance. Beautiful dresses and lovely dance steps enchanted the audience.


          To ensure the good physical health and overall development of a child, sports activities are regularly organized in the Vidyalaya. This time entertainment value was added to sports in the form of Dodge Ball. Competition organized on 06-08-2010. Four teams from four houses participated in it. Two groups were there. For class 1st and 2nd- Junior group and for class 3rd to 5th – Senior Group. P.E.T. teacher explained the rules to the students particularly instructing them not to hurt other students and play it in the true spirit of sportsmanship students thoroughly enjoyed the event. In the end Ashoka (Boys) and Tagore (Girls) won the game.


          Due to holiday on September 5th, Teachers’ day was celebrated on 6th September 2010. During morning assembly, Principal Madam paid homage to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan and told the students about his valuable role in Indian Education System. As per the tradition, students of XII and XI acted as teachers and primary section students supported them well by maintaining discipline during their periods. They showed them the same respect as they show towards their teachers. They presented cards, flowers and bouquets to their teachers. Students were given sweets to make this day memorable.

HINDI PAKHWARA CELEBRATION (01-09-10 to 14-09-2010)

          Hindi Pakhwara was held from 1st to 14th September. The primary students participated in day to day activities with great enthusiasm. In morning assembly poems, pledge, thought news and speech was delivered in Hindi by most of the primary students. Their pronunciation and zeal for their national language was worth praising. Students were motivated not to speak in English or their local languages during school hours to show respect and proper place of Hindi among all the languages. Participants of Hindi Pakhwara were given prizes by the Principal Madam.


          Students from different states and cultures come together in Kendriya Vidyalayas which is called “Mini India”. Programmes such as ‘Community Lunch’ makes a child learn about the other cultures and ways of living in different parts of India. Such a programme of Community Lunch was organized on 24th Sept,2010 in KV Chamera-II for primary classes in the near by park. All the students and teachers sat together shared their thoughts, cultural values as well as food. It is an important way to inculcate the spirit of National Integration among them. Students played games and then cleaned the surroundings. They showed quiet an awareness of the environment issues and learned to respect Nature. Overall the programme was a great success and the purpose behind it was fully achieved.


          On 25th September, 2010 during CCA periods, a group song competition was organized for the primary section. All the four houses participated in it. The theme of the songs was patriotic and inspirational songs. Very melodious and sweet songs were presented by the participants. All the students enjoyed this event and clapped with joy. While the result was being prepared, the students who couldn’t participate were asked to display their talent by singing songs and reciting poems and telling jokes etc. Principal Madam concluded the programme by declaring the result and motivating the participants.

                                      Children’s Day Celebration

           Children’s day is observed on 14th day of November every year, as this year it was on Sunday so we celebrated the occasion on Monday i.e. 15th of November. Children and teachers all took part enthusiastically and it was a great show. Program was opened with a very cute and  vivacious performance from the side of tiny tots of class 1st . They presented a beautiful glimpse of ‘Satyug’  by  enacting an act from ‘Ramayana’  then it was some of the students from class 4th and 5th who presented heart touching poetry and invigorating speech.  Then there was the twin of our beautiful and charming little ladies who presented o colorful dance on a patriotic song called ‘Yeh desh hai veer jawano ka’. After this we also had some of the performances from other girls who danced in the pair on their favourite songs. And in the end, students cladding as PT. Jawaharlal Nehru recited a poem and made everyone to recall Chacha Nehru and his great deeds on his birthday. Sweets were distributed among the students to make them happy.                                               


Sl. No.

Initiative (Establishment a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative)

Class and subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realized or not

Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation


 Resource/Activity Room equipped with physical facilities.

Class I to V ( All Subjects)

To make the lessons interesting and to introduce the children with new technologies of teaching learning and to make the teaching-learning process a success.


All Primary Teachers


Class Room libraries have been set up.

Class I to V

To develop reading habits to inculcate good habits and to acquire knowledge.


All Primary Teachers

3. Educational Film Shows are arranged for children Class I to V To enjoy learning, and to reduce stress away from class room teaching-learning process. Yes All Primary Teachers
4. Separate Morning Assembly by the students of Primary Classes Class I to V To increase maximum participation of the students of primary class, to develop leadership qualities, to enable them to understand responsibilities, to remove their shyness and build/develop confidence. Yes All Primary Teachers
5. Various C.C.A and Sports Activities Class I to V To promote creative talents and to provide play way learning atmosphere. Yes All Primary Teachers


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